Back to Work Monday

Becky and I had a fantastic Thanksgiving at John’s house. We enjoyed the comfort of friends, family, food, fellowship and felines.

On Friday, Becky and Sharon enjoyed a nice long shopping day, and I enjoyed a nice long day of Gears or War and World of Warcaft.

Alas, today is Monday. That means we all must go back to work. I must say, I enjoyed the 3-on 4-off scheduled of last week. I’ll put it in the suggestion box.


So I finished updating WordPress, I had a couple of hiccups, but the site is up and running again, and with a pretty new theme.

I like it. I hope you do too.

Oh yeah, tomorrow’s Thanksgiving. Becky and I are planning to go to John’s place for food. I’ll let you know how it all goes.
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Halloween and Catching Up

So, Here we are the first of November. Unless you are reading this more than 30 but less than 366 from when I originally posted this.

Last night was Hallowe’en. Becky and dressed up in costumes and went the the first ever First Christian Church High School Kegger. Haha! We had a keg of root beer! Haha! Good clean fun! sigh… Tonight, I’ll upload some pictures of the event.
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