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So, since my last post, we have indeed gotten television service, but the ongoing saga has yet to end (that’s what makes it ongoing.)

Picked up where I left off, the following Saturday we did get a technician to come out and fully install the cable television and internet service. We flipped on our new service and were able to watch television, glorious television! However, when we went outside to look at the exterior of our unit, we noticed that the technician ran this horrendous-looking white cable sticking perpendicular out of our unit (2nd floor) and tacked down all the way to the ground. It looked really messy.

So, a week or so later we got a call from Time Warner saying they received a complaint from our Homeowners Association and they wanted to come by and clean up the other tech’s job. So they punched a new hole to better line up with the buildings exterior, and make the line look invisible from the
outside. But now there is an empty hole in our living room where the old cable used to be. So they had to schedule a guy to come out and patch the hole. I got off work an hour early the next day to meet they guy to come patch the hole. He arrived on time, patched the hold but needed to run to Home Depot to get a bit of paint to match our walls. Becky and I had plans that evening, so he said he could come back the next day. So, they next day I took off work an hour early to meet the guy to paint the patched hole. Which he did.

…and all was good. Sort of.

You see, when I first ordered the service, I got the whole deal: Cable + Internet + Phone. Well, after the first Time Warner tech came out and told us he couldn’t run it, we got a call informing us that they were unable to port our home number for the television service because Verizon has a pending order on the account. I checked my Verizon account and saw that the pending order was FiOS. They had never canceled the order. I
called Verizon and requested they cancel it to remove the hold.

I called Time Warner back and told them what happened and they can try again with the phone number porting. The guy I talked to was some bigwig and was more worried about us not having cable (this was between the 1st and 2nd Time Warner techs,) so I realize now that he never put the order in.

So, all was good (except for the phone) but Becky and I weren’t satisfied. So we bought a new LCD HDTV. High Definition baby! So that’s nice.

Now that we got this super nice TV, we obviously wanted to get the HD service. I went on Time Warner’s website, logged in and requested one. I got a install date of this Saturday (18 August.) Then, yesterday I realized that we had never gotten our phone service, so I went to the same website, logged in, and requested phone service. I got a install date of three weeks from this Saturday (8 September.)

Today I got a confirmation e-mail for the phone service installation. That made me
realize I never got a confirmation for the HDDVR installation. So I called Time Warner and asked about it. They told me that they can see the pending order for the phone, but it looks like the HDDVR order never went through. The friendly representative offered to add that to the order so it would be installed at the same time. I accepted said offer. After she added it to the order, I asked, “How much will my monthly bill change because of this?” I was answered that my current DVR is $5.00 a month, and new new one will be $17.00 a month. I asked, “So I should notice only a $12.00 difference?” She told me that I was incorrect, the first DVR cost $5.00, and the second one costs $17.00. I understood what was going on now, she thought I wanted an additional box. I attempted to clarify: “No, I would like to replace by current DVR with an HDDVR.” Her answer surprised me, “You already have an HDDVR.”

So I guess I need to go home and check.

So that brings the estimate for total Time Warner technician
visits to five. It was supposed to be two.

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