Has anyone seen the film Becoming Jane? I would like to see it but perhaps on DVD because I hear that the truest Jane Austen fans do not dig it. One would think Anne Hathaway should give a good performance.

Kurt and I have been watching Extras, season one, which we recently purchased on DVD. It is in a word, hilarious. Of course.

Not only is Ricky Gervais terribly funny but so is Ashley Jensen. Most people would know her from the hit TV show Ugly Betty, where her accent is freakish and often discussed, unlike Extras.

I just took a new job which began last week. So far, so good… Leaving my last job which was not 100% awful, for the unknown was risky and scary
for me. But boy am I glad I took it – every new day is great!

If you are looking for a new job or a new physician take a peep.

Also, has anyone looked at this guy’s blog? It is Ross the ‘Intern’ from The Tonight Show. I actually cannot stand the show, but I do love Ross’ blog. He is “fabulous” and sometimes his “talky blogs” can get screechy. Nevertheless he is sheer entertainment, in a normal guy made it kind of way. (And side note: I abhor the overuse of the hyphen. e.g., “normal-guy-made-it”).

Kurt and I are as usual, having a great time. For Kurt, I think it is about to for sure sink in that he is done with school. It would start next week….IF he had to go….but we are done. SO instead, we shall enjoy this fan and our TV and cable. Did you know that we can watch Matt, Meredith, Al and Anne in all
their HD glory!? Oprah too, is in HD which is glorious.

By the way, is it hot enough for you, Southern California? For those of you not here, it is really hot here. In fact, it forced Kurt and I to go to buy this little number I have named her ‘Fannie’. Normally I would not name a fan, but I tend to really love and appreciate something that has saved my life. This fan has done that (and Kurt’s life too I think).

More Television Stuff

So, since my last post, we have indeed gotten television service, but the ongoing saga has yet to end (that’s what makes it ongoing.)

Picked up where I left off, the following Saturday we did get a technician to come out and fully install the cable television and internet service. We flipped on our new service and were able to watch television, glorious television! However, when we went outside to look at the exterior of our unit, we noticed that the technician ran this horrendous-looking white cable sticking perpendicular out of our unit (2nd floor) and tacked down all the way to the ground. It looked really messy.

So, a week or so later we got a call from Time Warner saying they received a complaint from our Homeowners Association and they wanted to come by and clean up the other tech’s job. So they punched a new hole to better line up with the buildings exterior, and make the line look invisible from the
outside. But now there is an empty hole in our living room where the old cable used to be. So they had to schedule a guy to come out and patch the hole. I got off work an hour early the next day to meet they guy to come patch the hole. He arrived on time, patched the hold but needed to run to Home Depot to get a bit of paint to match our walls. Becky and I had plans that evening, so he said he could come back the next day. So, they next day I took off work an hour early to meet the guy to paint the patched hole. Which he did.

…and all was good. Sort of.
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