Nice Weekend

Even though Becky and I are still not fully over our colds, we had a rather enjoyable weekend.

Saturday (4 May) we slept in until mid-morning, took some cough medicine. We got ready for the day, and lunched at Mimi’s Cafe together. I wanted to try my hand and my family recipe of homemade pizza, so we went by the grocery store to pick up the surprisingly few ingredients. Went back home and started making the dough. It seemed a little heavy to me, so we decided to make two different pizzas. One we made with my family recipe, one we made with dough from a breadmaker recipe. We left both doughs to rise and left for the Saturday night service at our church. When we came home, the breadmaker dough looked light and “doughy” and the home recipe dough looked heavy and a bit like half-dried Play-Doh. We went ahead with the plan anyway. I made two pizzas. The winner? Homemade. It tasted much better than the breadmaker recipe. The latter turned out a bit undone for some reason. I baked both the the same amount of time, the mozzarella was melted a a bit brown, the pepperonis were cooked but not crisp, but the breadmaker’s dough was still a bit under done in the middle. Go figure.

On Sunday (6 May) we slept in a bit, having went to church the previous night. We called up Sharon and went to a local coffee shop for breakfast. After enjoying a pleasant meal together, we went to see a 10:45 showing of Spider-Man 3. Now this is something Becky and I discovered last summer. If you want to see a blockbuster hit opening weekend but are not to thrilled about standing in line for a potential neck-tweaking front-row seat, go to the earliest showing on Saturday or Sunday morning. The theater is practically empty. It is great.
As for the movie itself, the reviews are fairly accurate. It is not a great movie. It isn’t a bad movie either. Becky and I found that if you don’t take it too seriously, it is actually quite enjoyable.
After the film showing, we walked around a bit, and being not-quite-hungry enough for lunch, we all got juice smoothies. On the way home Sharon wanted to get some ground beef for dinner, so we stopped by this local butcher shop. Walking into the Beef Palace was like walking into a butcher shop in 1952. In Texas. They had every kind of red meat cut in every kind of cut I could imagine. We got three and a half pounds of ground beef. Sharon took it home and we made some really great hamburgers that I cooked on the grill. Good food. We got to enjoy the meal brightened by Blair and Sally’s company. After the meal we all sat around and watched Huell Howser make a fool of
himself in Australia.

Like I said, it was a nice weekend.

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  1. ahhh, the Cooke family pizza recipe…I remember it well…to be honest I had never seen homemade dough sitting out like of my first mornings at your parent’s house, I almost threw it away before I left for work..freaked me out…

    again..the wife and i vicariously live through you and your sleeping in and seeing movies when they open


  2. I guess the next time we’re down to visit, I’ll have to give you a pizza making lesson. But honestly, now-a-days I use the breadmaker to make the dough more often than not. But I’m gald it tasted OK.

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