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Sent: Wednesday, May 30, 2007 5:47 PM
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Subject: RE: Complaint: Time and Tivo

If you would like to see the Final 6 minutes of the show, go to

On the main page (on the right side of the page) you’ll find the TOP 5 IDOL VIDEOS. The 2nd choice is AMERICAN IDOL FINALE: FINAL 6 MIN

But hurry, the producers have only given permission for this post for the next day or two and then it goes away

This is a LIVE event and as most LIVE events tend to do, they sometimes go long. Many people add 5-10 minutes when they record LIVE events on their DVR just for such unforseen circumstances.

Hope this video on the site helps.


Finished College

I finished college (university). Just now. I just got home from completing my last final. Once the paperwork is complete, I will be the proud holder of a bachelors of science majoring in applied mathematics with an emphasis in science and engineering and a minor in physics.

Life, here I come.

To: askfox@fox.comÂ

I would like to formally complain about the length of the program.

We watched the show last night however, we were about 35 minutes behind. Therefore, our Tivo did not record the extra length.

It was UTTERLY disappointing to get to the end of the program and not see who won or the final song, etc.

There were aspects of the show that were entertaining, and we did watch the whole thing. However, it would be much better for fox to cut out some of the filler or maybe even a few commercials so that you do not damage your fan loyalty in this way. It is NOT smart to alienate those fans who use TiVo or some or DVR device.

It’s been too long…

We have some major events coming up.

1. Kurt’s taking his finals this week.

2. Kurt’s graduation ceremony

3. Our European vacation

We are BEYOND excited. In fact, I can’t believe this is all finally happening. It is so brilliant!


Nice Weekend

Even though Becky and I are still not fully over our colds, we had a rather enjoyable weekend.

Saturday (4 May) we slept in until mid-morning, took some cough medicine. We got ready for the day, and lunched at Mimi’s Cafe together. I wanted to try my hand and my family recipe of homemade pizza, so we went by the grocery store to pick up the surprisingly few ingredients. Went back home and started making the dough. It seemed a little heavy to me, so we decided to make two different pizzas. One we made with my family recipe, one we made with dough from a breadmaker recipe. We left both doughs to rise and left for the Saturday night service at our church. Continue reading “Nice Weekend”


I love Kurt so much I brought a cold home for him to share with me.

.::sniffle, sneeze cough::.

Fair is fair…he gave me whatever that was before (just last month)!