We Wield Wii

I got a Wii this weekend.

I’ve had the desire to purchase one since the first reports of the innovative controls, but I didn’t want to fight to get one at launch, and I was (am still) busy with school. During spring break, a friend let me borrow his Wii while he was out of town, and I came to love it even more. I pleaded with my wife and she conceded to allow me to purchase one.
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Workin’ All Night

Tuesday (10 Apr) I worked from 06:30 until 12:00. Went home for lunch, drove to school. I was in school from 14:00 until 17:00, then I drove home. I had a nice dinner with Becky, and started working on homework. I worked on homework until 21:00. At 22:00 I got a call from my boss Tony. He said the Network Operations Center (NOC) notified him that all of our servers were showing down. I drove into the office to try to figure it out. Tony and I worked on the problem until 04:30 Wednesday (11 Apr) morning. I drove home and slept until 10:30.

I got another call from Tony and he said that another problem cropped up that morning. I worked with him over the phone until I had to go to class at 14:00. After class I drove into the office. I arrived at 18:00, and Tony, Lae and I worked on the problem until 22:30. Drove home, went to bed.

Went to work Thursday (12 Apr) morning at 06:30 and ironed out all the subsidiary
problems that seem to crop up when these sorts of problems happen. I worked until 12:00, then I went home for lunch, started watching 28 Days Later, then went to class. My second class was canceled, so I came home at about 15:45 and finished the movie.
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