Thes past seven days have been long. Collectively, and individually.

At work, our department has been preparing for this week, because this is the week of a goodly number of annual meetings. That means all TMHU employees need to be on site. That means all the employees that work from home and all the field travelers bring their computers on site. That means we get thirty users who have been holding off on getting computer problems fixed all at the same time. To make it all the more memorable, we perform a full backup of all the off-site computers because for most of them, this is the only time their data is backed up at all.
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Full Post on Carlsbad, Anniversary Weekend

We’ve returned!

So we’ve had quite a weekend. My last post was made from our hotel, before dinner on Saturday (13 Jan) For purposes of storytelling, I will ignore its existence.

So, Saturday (12 Jan) we slept in, packed the car and got on the freeway. We were hungry for lunch so we stopped at Thanh. It is a Vietnamese place my coworkers and I frequent for lunch. I wanted to introduce Becky to phở. So after lunch we took on the 405 to the 5, and on past the Nuclear plant, past the Marine base, and into San Diego County.
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Carlsbad Weekend

We’re in Carlsbad for the weekend!

Super, I know. We’re celebrating our 1st anniversary on Monday, and since it is Martin Luther King Day as well, I get the day off of work, so it’s all good.

So far today, we’ve driven down here, checked into our renovating hotel (pictures to come) and went to the Carlsbad Outlet Mall. Now we’re off to dinner. Super great, and stick right here for all your Kurt & Becky news.

Wrong Number

What a crazy world we live in. One day you wake up feeling at ease. Of course watching the news on TV of listening to the news on the radio makes one rethink that easy feeling. But my general feeling is that although this place isn’t perfect, my life isn’t really affected. So go on with my day. Thursday 11 January was not that typical kind of day. It started out differently than any other day. I was awakened by my mobile phone ringing. I didn’t recognize the number but I answered it. I said, “Hello?” there was a pause, and then a man began speaking Spanish…I don’t speak Spanish so I somewhat awkwardly got across the message that he had the wrong number. I hung up thinking nothing of it. This kind of thing happens sometimes. Long story short it happened all morning into the early afternoon. All of those calls were Spanish-speaking males. Then around 3:00 a male called but he spoke English. He said he was
calling about the ad. I asked him what ad he was referring to. He said the ad about massages. OH GREAT I thought, this guy thinks I am a whore. I asked him where he saw this ad. He told me it was in a Spanish magazine, and then hung up. So I am like, beside my self…thinking about how all of the calls earlier in the day starting at 6:30 am…were for this ad for massage.
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Ubuntu Fun

Some of our more astute readers will know that I have recently been fiddling with some Linux distributions. After by brother-in-law made the switch to Ubuntu, I decided to try the switch from Fedora as well.

Now, I’ve played with Linux before, but I would still consider myself a relative newcomer. That being said. I’ve found Ubuntu to be refreshing. It is much easier for someone of my skill to use and configure. In that subject, I’ve decided to create a page to keep up with my Ubuntu adventures in an attempt to share my knowledge with those that might find themselves in similar binds that I have. You can access my Ubuntu page here or always from the sidebar on the left.

Playing with Linux really brings out what you really know about computers as opposed to what you think you know about computers (you really know Windows, not computers in general.) It also brings you to appreciate the complexity of computers and, at least for me, brings me to appreciate OSs like Windows and MacOS for how seamless and relatively easy to use they are.

So as of now, I’ve installed Ubuntu on my Tablet PC and have installed a couple of linux-tablet programs like GOK and Gournal. I hope to use it next semester in class in lieu of XP Tablet PC edition and Microsoft OneNote. As always, I’ll keep you posted.