Shopping and Shopping

Yesterday we went shopping. A whole bunch of it.

The day started at about 11:30 for us. I rolled out of bed because my bladder would not oblige me to slumber any longer. Becky was able to ignore the pleading of her own, so she slept a bit longer. After I relieved myself, I went over to the computer and played a bit of Oblivion. I’ve got a Wood Elf Acrobat/Thief/Archer that’s pretty sweet.
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Friday of the Slow Week

It’s Friday. It doesn’t really feel like it.

Since school ended, I’ve had to adjust to my new schedule, but this week is unusual anyway. I’m sitting in an empty office building. Well, I’ve gotten a lot done: I’ve reconfigured a couple of servers, installed four new copiers, recovered a switch password, and reorganized the server and patch rooms.

All in all, this week at work has been pretty boring.
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Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas EVE to one and all! ALSO Happy Birthday to Christie.
Some recent news:

I got to meet Kurt’s cousin Ed and his lady Trinity, yesterday at Disneyland!

We also enjoyed spending time with Aunt Sharyn, Grandma Cooke and Lynn.

After church today we enjoyed pancakes at IHOP with Mom. Right now, Kurt is partaking in a nap before the last two services at church.
After services tonight we will try to post some recent pics. Good news, Kurt has promised that since he is out of school for the winter break he will post more blogs.

Hello December

If you have not yet done so, please watch White Christmas. Kurt and I have…you better catch up.

I am going to let you in on my inner needs. Everyday, I NEED to visit these websites: #1, #2.

At least once a week, I check these websites: #3, #4.

So now you know and you can be “in”on the knowledge that I gain from these mind-enriching websites. So enjoy, and listen, you can thank me when you realize that you love them too.

What have Kurt and I been
up to lately? Well, hanging low for a bunch of reasons. He was sick and then I got sick (we’re feeling better now). My work has been pretty notched up lately because of open enrollments. Kurt is finishing up his second to last semester of university – next week is finals. I got a haircut yesterday, which although it was a drastic change, went wholly unnoticed.

I’d like to give a special shout-out to Jason Ellis. Kurt and I wish you a happy Christmas!

Also, if anyone is looking for a last-minute gift idea for us (Becky “Farley” or Kurt).