The Right to Bear Arms

Man, Woman Killed In Deputy-Involved Shooting
Two Killed in Cerritos Shooting

Here’s my story: On my way to work I heard a police unit approaching Code 3 and I pulled over, as a good citizen would. I got to the last intersection before arriving at work and it was blocked by a police unit.

So, I turned right to do a “workaround.” To my dismay, at each and every alternate route, a police unit was blocking the driveway or entrance. Finally, while I was on the phone with Kurt, I pulled into the parking lot of Best Buy. I thought long and hard about just going home. I thought about the danger I might actually be
in and I wondered what the heck was going on?! The things around me were: several police units, fire trucks, ambulances, in the sky I saw 5 helicopters (thanks Kurt for your invention), and then I saw a giant life support LA County Sheriff helicopter landing outside the window of my office! Then I knew someone had been seriously injured. I decided to drive around some more and I got pretty close to getting in but the police came and blocked it. While I was out there driving around I actually took some photographs. I called into my office and spoke to our receptionist. He didn’t know anything was going on. So I drove around some more. Finally I got to a place that was near my building – At the restaurants across the street. I got my delicious pumpkin cupcakes that I baked for our Halloween/October birthdays bash and dressed as a convincing cowgirl, I approached the police unit that was blocking the entrance closest to me. I said, “Excuse me sir,
am I in any danger by going in to work?” He replied, “No, not anymore.” That prompted me to ask him, “What danger was there?” He said, “There was a shooter.” I thanked him and walked away. I quickly walked into my building and went in. When the police unit passed me it was around 08:15. I didn’t get into work until 08:55. That doesn’t seem like much time, but it felt like forever. Once inside everyone was aflutter with speculation and theory. Later on in the day they had put crime scene tape around the building and parking lot. From our lunchroom, I could see that their employees were not able to leave due to their cars were IN the crime scene. I was super curious about that and what else was going on. So I decided to take a walk outside. I went up onto the top of the parking structure and looked out onto the crime scene. I saw where the body still laid. I couldn’t see the body but there was a large black tent-like thing around it. Then I noticed that the police investigation was in full swing. They
had an easy-up and all kinds of vans and things. There were tent markers over the bullet shell casings. Goodbye to you Primavera Deli. I cannot take my life into my hands by walking over there anymore!!

I was like maybe this is just how Los Angeles County is? So I looked up some stats about their murders. Check it, yo. Ultimately the scene in the parking lot of the building next door to mine was a question of the right to bear arms. My personal feeling is that when people are idiots and have access to guns, people die. Granted, this young person’s tormented psyche and estranged relationship (speculation) was probably a great cause for this crime. See, this guy came over and shot his lady. Then he waited around for the police to come to kill him. What a tragically horrible thing. And you know, on Halloween you are
supposed to only fake murder someone and fake be dead – not literally! Anyhow, I am thinking about getting some personal protection.

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