Tablet/School Post

So, I’ve bloged from my PDA before I’ve bloged from school before, and now I’m bloging from my Tablet PC in-between classes. I haven’t bloged in a bit, but I have a good excuse: School. As Becky mentioned, I started this semester a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been busy every waking moment doing homework. Fun.

Anyway, I did find time last night to install a plugin on our blog to cut down on all the comment Spam we’ve been getting. You’ll notice that you will need prove that you are a human before you comment. So far so good.

Class is set to start in a few minutes, so I’m So over this post. PEACE!

Clarity Eye Group

I saw Dr. Balding a few weeks ago over at the Clarity Eye Group in HB. (I know this is old news..but it is time the world knew). I actually have been experiencing a floater for 3-4 years now. I didn’t have any vision problems so I didn’t really worry.

My floater is like when I look at something white like a wall or a cloudy sky I see this little dot in my right eye. It kinda looks like a little gnat or maybe like someone has made a dot on my eye with a sharpie. It’s not a huge deal and it only happens sometimes.

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While Kurt is in school I have been painting.

Kurt bought this easel for me. Mainly so that I could do something creative and enjoyable.

Thsi is the bestetessest

So I made this painting.

Ma première huile peinture

Now, I am not saying that this is the best painting ever or even a good one. But I am telling you it was fun to do.

Blair reminded me that Grandpa Farley would be proud. He fancied himeself to be quite the painter. His specialty was sad clowns. Of which I hung one in my room as a small child. I remember that I actually liked it. Suprisingly, I am not
frightened of clowns. Although a few years ago this gross clown (who may have been drunk) did scare my cousin Katie and on the fourth of July in Pitsboro.

Go Beach!

The semester started this week for Kurt. This means 16 weeks of going to school and homework and working full time. What a brave guy. So what’s this mean? Kurt needs lots of love and support these next 16 — 15 weeks now, since this week is over. I feel bad because I have alot of free time. But hey, I served my time in school…which, ironically Kurt dislikes and I LOVE. Well hey I am learning to knit now. I also took up oil painting. By the way Billy Joel’s “I Love You Just the Way you Are” came on iTunes. That’s a nice song. Funny that song was realeased in 1977 the same year as “Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope.”