Disneyland with TMHU

After a week of work, Becky and I attended the company day at Disneyland this past Saturday (15 July). The only event was breakfast, but it was nice to mingle a bit with my new coworkers. As an added bonus, They gave me two tickets for admission, but Becky and I already hold Annual Passports, so we brought Sharon and John with us. They used the tickets, and we used our Annual Passports.
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Driving home from work today…

I stopped off at Tall Mouse because I want to learn to knit. This girl who was driving a VW Bus let me into her lane as I was exiting the shopping area (some may call it a “shopping center”) in Cerritos. I noticed she looked like a cool gal, perhaps a hippie. She had removed the VW emblem from the front and replaced it with a peace sign. So, as I am driving down the street she gets into the lane next to me. This is when I noticed that her side sliding door is fully open. At a stoplight we are directly even so I opened my window to speak to her. Her windows were down already because frankly, it was a hot day and she had no A/C. I know what I am talking about here, Creamy anyone? So I say to her, “Do you know that your door is open?”

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Week work

I’ve successfully completed a full week of work at my new job. Good times. Becky and I are planning to join the company at Disneyland for the Toyota Summer Picnic, so that should be fun.

Happy Bastille Day. How did you celebrate? I had a conversation in French.

First Day(s)

Friday (7 July) was my last day at my old job. And yesterday (10 July) was my first day at my new job.

My last day at Hope was a bit surreal. I had been working there since April (or May, I forget) of 2000. So, that’s a long time. I had really gotten use to the whole environment and knowing that I wasn’t going going to be working there anymore was really weird. There are a lot of people I’m going to miss, but in the same vein there are some things I won’t miss.
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I went with Kurt, obviously. Well, it was good. In fact I loved it. Superman was hot, and by hot I mean good looking. Kurt did point out to me that his body tempurature runs high. The story was good, the characters were cool and there were great fx. Granted, the science of Superman doesn’t add up but this is why he is a SuperHero. While we were watching the film I thought about Jerry Seinfeld. He’s a huge Superman fan. I wondered if Jerry liked it. I looked a little on the internet to see if he did…no results.