Strep Weekend

It’s been a long weekend.

Last Wednesday, (14 June) I woke up feeling like there was a lump of something in the back of my throat. I sounded like it too. I felt fine otherwise, so I thought little of it. I felt a bit worse on Thursday, but nothing life threatening yet. On Friday, I could barely talk and I constantly felt as if I were about to choke on the still-unidentified throat lump. In addition, my parents were planning to drive up (down?) from Vegas that very day. They did so, and took me out to lunch. I still sounded like I had been smoking for a couple of decades, so my mother bought me some vitamin C lozenges. That night for dinner, my parents and I joined with Sharon and Becky for a nice dinner at Mimi’s Café. I had the soup and almost lost my life in it.
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Just a Quick One

I’ve just got a few things to say:

I got my replacement mouse from Woot today, so that’s nice.

I’m still attending summer school classes (I’m not sure why… ah yes, graduation)

and Carl’s Jr. recently discontinued chili cheese fries. I am in a whirling sinkhole of despair and my only refuge was chili and cheese melted atop crispy french-fried potato strips… alas! My refuge is denied me!

Weekend of Pain

A couple of weeks ago (19 May in fact) I patronized the fine internet retailer Woot!. They are a unique site that sells only one thing per day. On the day in question they were selling an item I was planning to purchase anyway, a Razer Pro mouse. I was excited, I purchased it. It was scheduled to be delivered to my business (we have a mailroom that can take packages even when I’m not there) on Thursday, 25 May. I anxiously tracked the package via FedEx’s tracking site. I noticed they attempted to deliver the package at 17:19, which is a good 49 minutes after our mailroom closes. No problem, they promised to deliver the package the next day. Sitting at my desk at work, I updated the tracking information about every 16 seconds.
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Since our last post, Becky and I would like to make all ya’lls aware of what’s been going on.

Well, we decided that this madness has gone on long enough. We bought Disneyland passports again. And we went to Disneyland. And rode Space Mountain. And saw the fireworks. Well, sort of. We saw the fireworks show yes, but we were behind the castle, so the show was kind of split up from our perspective. To our left, over Toontown was half of the show and to our right, over the castle was the other half (including, but not limited to Tinkerbell).

I finished the LEGO scale model of my condo, so that’s fun. I’m working on the detached garage and the rest of the block.

Summer school started. I’m taking Leisure in Contemporary Society, so that’s also fun. It’s only a six-week course, so it shouldn’t be too bad at all.

There’s more, but I can’t
remember. I’ll update this post later.

Becky drives a Toyota.