Job transition

I am finishing up the last few days of my old job. Time seems to be going very slowly. Why does it do that? Well, they haven’t hired a replacement and my co-worker is on jury duty this week and next. They’re going to be sorry if they don’t at least get some kind of a temp in for a while. Ultimately, it is not my problem. I gave two weeks notice.

Tomorrow is my graduation ceremony. I am excited to participate!

Friday is my last day at work… then Tuesday is my first day of the new job! Exciting!

Jury Duty!

Today I have jury duty. I’n actually sitting around in the jury rec room right now. Good times. As of 10:27, no groups have been called. I’m a bit worried, not at the prospect of serving on a jury and missing work and so on, but more at the prospect of missing Becky’s graduation ceremony on Thursday (24 May). So we’ll see how it goes. I just may have to do something drastic, like ask the judge to excuse me.

Exciting times!

I got a new job. It’s a career that I can really get into… but on a shallow note: the best part? I get my own office!

Yesterday Kurt and I went to pick up my DIPLOMA at CSULB. While we were there I rented my graduation gown and purchased the cap and tassel. The tassel is white representing the College of Liberal Arts. (My BA degree is in Communication Studies.) The tassel had a little gold charm, “Class of 2006.” I told the guy I graduated in 2005, and he gave me a replacement charm with “Class of 2005.”

So the ceremony is next Thursday… Need more info?

Target Returning

I’ve got a couple of good stories about stuff that happened this week.

Monday (8 May) night Becky and I decided to clean a whole bunch of stuff around the house. So we did. Once we finished cleaning, we decided there are some steps to take to get rid of stuff we don’t use. Some went in the eBay pile, other stuff went in the Goodwill pile, and a few items went in the return-to-Target pile. Exhausted with the day’s work, we went out to catch a bit to eat. While we were out, we stopped by Target to return the stuff in our pile. We’ve returned stuff to Target before, and typically they will give you a gift card in return. We planned on just getting the gift card, then going out to eat.
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