Weekend In Vegas

Kurt & Ethan, and Kurt & Becky went on a road trip this weekend! Our mission, to shock and awe Rita (aka Mom). We drove out to Vegas munching on Wheat Thins, Goldfish, Oreos (100 cal pack), and Triscuit crackers. The drive was mostly uneventful. The plan was to surprise Rita at dinner which we accomplished at Joe’s Crab Shack. She was surprised and delighted. We ate

After the crabfest, Becky and Kurt checked into the hotel. Then we visited with Ken and Rita at their beautiful Las Vegas home. Kurt was thrilled to find that (after many years of not caring), his Lego collection and several other childhood things had been saved by his loving and dutiful parents! Soon after Uncle Tom and Aunt Yvonne arrived. After exchanging pleasantries we watched a feature film, M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village (the monsters are fake). After the movie, on the way back to the hotel, Becky and Kurt drove to Wal-Mart for an emergency late night spree. We procured some much needed items, sunglasses and booze. We were cheered on by the natives.

The next morning, we grabbed a few things off the continental breakfast buffet and headed to casa de Cooke. We were poised for the action of the morning, prepared to “act” to pull of the big surprise party for Rita’
s special surprise birthday party in the early afternoon. The events of the day as Rita saw it was a leisurely day of shopping followed by a nice dinner. While the “men-folk” did various other manlike things. Little did she know that Aunt Yvonne and Becky were in on this party and later, planning to trick her. While the girls were out shopping the men went to the store and bought various goods including but not limited to: meatballs and cheesecake. After shopping for hours the ladies (Yvonne, Rita, Becky and Grandma R), blamed Grandma’s “tiredness” on why we must leave the mall. After the men were finished shopping, they came home to prepare. At about 13:00 many of Rita’s friends, family and co-workers began to arrive at the house. When the ladies finally returned to a seemingly empty house, Rita saw the party goods on the table. The men were attempting to look normal, while the party goers were
hidden in the hallway area. Rita’s suspicion grew and the only words she could muster were directed toward Ken, “I told you no parties, I told you no parties!!” At that time the party guests exuberantly exclaimed, “Surprise!” And then Rita cried.

After the party was exhausted, we were too, so we took a nap. Then we went to Central Christian Church‘s Saturday night service. It was nice, in the place of a usual sermon, the senior pastor interviewed Ashley Smith, author of Unlikely Angel (she was the woman who was kidnapped a while back by that guy who
escaped from the courthouse by grabbing the bailiff’s gun, and she ended up reading to him from Purpose Driven Life).

Following church, we went back to Ken & Rita’s house to watch King Kong. It was alright, there were plenty of scenes that could have been cut easily. It was too long.

Sunday morning we woke up, checked out of the hotel, and met Ken, Rita and Yvonne for lunch and a pizza place called Metro Pizza. Good stuff, we shared a meatball pizza with Ken. Rita and Yvonne got some garden conglomeration.

After lunch, we topped off our Vegas trip in style. We went to the Liberace Museum. It was fabulous, everything we could have hoped and dreamed. There were two buildings, the first contained his piano and car collection. It also had a time line of
his life. The second building had his small collectibles (like his porcelain piano collection), his jewelry (the biggest ring I have ever seen in my life), and his costumes (holy pink feathers). There was also a room with his awards, including his two Emmy’s, so that was fun.

Once our museum trip ended we said our goodbyes, Rita cried, and we were on our way back home. We finished our audio book, Slaughterhouse-Five, read by Ethan Hawke just as we were getting on the 57 freeway. Perfect timing. We entered our house, unpacked, and went to bed.

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  1. The Village! I love that movie! I hope you didn’t watch it as a horror movie, because it certainly is not. It’s more of a fairy tale about love and innocence. Viewed in that context, it’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s like Young Goodman Brown with a love angle to it. Anyway, I also love the soundtrack. Hilary Hahn is incredible. I had the pleasure of watching her perform here just a couple weeks ago. She is an amazing violinist. Alida and I both think she’s better than Perlman (the guy who always plays at the Oscars.) And at the age of 26 that’s quite remarkable. I first saw her perform in 2000 and she was incredible then. I got her autograph both times. =) Anyway, I get excited sometimes…

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