Kurt Cooke writes for search engines

I recently discovered that my site is not the top site in google when searching for my name. At one time the top site was my joke headshot that I made into a pdf and put online, but I took that down. I want my site, Kurt Cooke (.co.uk) to be the top site that shows up in search engines. I, Kurt Cooke, must now continue to type my name (Kurt Cooke) over and over again in hopes that this technique will work. If it doesn’t, Kurt Cooke (me) will feel stupid and may even delete this post.

That should be enough, but we’ll see. Kurt Cooke.



Kurt Cooke

2 Replies to “Kurt Cooke writes for search engines”

  1. Kurt Cooke,

    My favorite Kurt Cooke saying is, “He has a pickle for a hand His name is Mister Pickle Hand” –Kurt Cooke

    Kurt Cooke is the greatest!

    Kurt Cooke needs to realize that he is awesome.

    Just trying to help the cause.


  2. Hi Kurt Cooke!

    A suggestion that I have for Kurt Cooke is that maybe Kurt Cooke should use META search tags on his homepage, so that when someone searches for “Kurt Cooke” they won’t always get this blog post about Kurt Cooke wanting searches that say “Kurt Cooke” to go to Kurt Cooke’s blog.

    Kurt Cooke, here is some more information on META tags http://searchenginewatch.com/webmasters/article.php/2167931.

    Thanks Kurt Cooke for the opportunity to tell Kurt Cooke about HTML META tags.

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