Easter + more

Easter has come and gone. We had four Easter services. I worked all of them. It wasn’t that bad.

Becky & I went to Sharon’s house on Saturday night to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ with Blair, Christie, Sally, Sharon and John. We ate ham. Honeybaked goodness.

Today I had work. It was kind of depressing, not beacuse of the work itself, I actually got a lot done. I successfully implemented a couple of computers in the library that are truely locked down. I used the Shared Computer Toolkit to deploy three computers that will be used to search the library catalog. It’s great, The computers start up with Internet explorer to our library’s catalog, in full-screen kiosk mode.
If you close the window, there is only one link on the desktop: the library’s catalog. If you click on the start menu, there are only two options: Logoff, and the library’s catalog. Good times.

Why was my day depressing? Well, I went on a service call at about 14:00, and when I was walking back to my office, I checked my PDA , and to my dismay, the screen is damaged. Bugger. It was fine when I checked it this morning, and I don’t remember dropping it or bumping into anything. This completely downed my spirits. Sure, I could get the screen fixed, but it’s a bit expensive. I bought the
thing for only $250.

My PDA’s dead, Spring break is over, and I have a test in school tomorrow. Yay.

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