Stay At Home = Productivity

As previously mentioned, I stayed home yesterday (3 Apr). I normally work on Mondays, but since I worked last Saturday (25 Mar) I got a day off, and I took it yesterday. I enjoyed it. I had a list of stuff to do, which included (but is not limited to):

  • Go to doctor
  • Get 9V battery
  • Do homework
  • Do laundry

And I did ’em all.

Ok, I’ll explain a bit more.

I went to the doctor because I’ve noticed this bump under my skin on my left shoulder that started to hurt like a bruise. So I went to the doctor. He told me it’s an infection from an inflamed gland or something, I don’t exactly remember. I do remember he gave me a shot in the butt, and told me to take these huge pills four times a day.

I got the 9V battery because daylight saving time (summer time) started, so that means it is time to change the battery in your smoke detectors, people.

I did homework because it was due. I had to finish up my c++ program.

I did laundry because it turns out that if you wear clothes over and over again, they start to smell bad, change colors, stand up on their own, people aviod you at all costs, and comments are made at your expense. And we don’t want any of that. No sir.