My “stay at home non-dad” for a day

His day off was yesterday. He made a list and he accomplished everything on it, including laundry, homework, lunch with me and a lovely late afternoon walk to the beach. Kurt is the best.

Let’s show him some love. In a comment say one thing you appreciate about Kurt.

6 Replies to “My “stay at home non-dad” for a day”

  1. Well, let me say that I really enjoyed having him on my team at HIU. Kurt is a great techie. But, he is also very smart, funny, and was a good gamer also. We worked a lot and played a lot. It was a blast. Kurt was a big part of my great experience and is one of the people I really miss.

  2. Well, I appreciate his RANDOMNESS. Example: before 9am he speaks nothing but a made-up language.

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