Saturdays are random

We got some fabulous things at Ikea last night. If you know us and you want to see them, you have to come out of the shadowy world of internet blog reading and come see it. We put these things together and then watched a film I rented…it was great highly reccommend.
I cleaned the house today. I ate brownies today. I watched Emma today. Then I went to a friends house to watch Sixteen Candles. Where I probably stayed too long, and learned a lesson. Two pals had never seen this film, that’s shocking!

I receive a highly considerable amount of joy when I watch any movie based on a Jane Austen book. This is
especially true when the film is more accurately representing the book (e.g., Pride and Prejudice) As a very important sidenote, I recently saw Colin Firth at LAX. It was monumental to me. Not so Monumental that I would dedicate any amount of my time to making a website or to joining his fanclub. Want to buy me a shirt?

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