Kurt Cooke writes for search engines

I recently discovered that my site is not the top site in google when searching for my name. At one time the top site was my joke headshot that I made into a pdf and put online, but I took that down. I want my site, Kurt Cooke (.co.uk) to be the top site that shows up in search engines. I, Kurt Cooke, must now continue to type my name (Kurt Cooke) over and over again in hopes that this technique will work. If it doesn’t, Kurt Cooke (me) will feel stupid and may even delete this post.

That should be enough, but we’ll see. Kurt Cooke.

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Easter + more

Easter has come and gone. We had four Easter services. I worked all of them. It wasn’t that bad.

Becky & I went to Sharon’s house on Saturday night to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ with Blair, Christie, Sally, Sharon and John. We ate ham. Honeybaked goodness.

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My “stay at home non-dad” for a day

His day off was yesterday. He made a list and he accomplished everything on it, including laundry, homework, lunch with me and a lovely late afternoon walk to the beach. Kurt is the best.

Let’s show him some love. In a comment say one thing you appreciate about Kurt.

Saturdays are random

We got some fabulous things at Ikea last night. If you know us and you want to see them, you have to come out of the shadowy world of internet blog reading and come see it. We put these things together and then watched a film I rented…it was great highly reccommend.
I cleaned the house today. I ate brownies today. I watched Emma today. Then I went to a friends house to watch Sixteen Candles. Where I probably stayed too long, and learned a lesson. Two pals had never seen this film, that’s shocking!

I receive a highly considerable amount of joy when I watch any movie based on a Jane Austen book. This is
especially true when the film is more accurately representing the book (e.g., Pride and Prejudice) As a very important sidenote, I recently saw Colin Firth at LAX. It was monumental to me. Not so Monumental that I would dedicate any amount of my time to making a website or to joining his fanclub. Want to buy me a shirt?

World enjoys total solar eclipse

I was reading an article about this solar Eclipse and it was fascinating.

Automatic street lights flickered on, authorities sounded whistles and schoolchildren burst into applause across Ghana’s capital, Accra. Many
in the deeply religious country of Christians and Muslims said the phenomenon bolstered their faith.

“I believe it’s a wonderful work of God, despite all what the scientists say,” said Solomon Pomenya, a 52-year old doctor. “This tells me that
God is a true engineer.” “It’s fantastic,” Boix said. “It’s the color, the metallic blue-green color on the skin of the people. The sky with the stars in the
background. Usually you watch the stars in a black background … The background is blue. It’s a special feeling.”