1 Week, 6 Days

Monday (20 Mar) was work. I can’t remember any specifics on what I did on Monday, so I’ll skip it.

Tuesday (21 Mar) was school. I had a test in my math analysis course. It was difficult. Last Thursday (16 Mar) I had a test in my probability and statistics course. This was my second test in each of those classes. It happened this way for the first test in all of my classes: Tuesday, test in first course; Thursday, test in second course; following Tuesday, test in third course. Makes for a fun time.

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Not Studying

I updated my sidebar again. You’ll notice some new fun items. I’ve added a new section entitled “Currently reading”. This will list the books that I am currently reading. You can click on the book covers to take you to the corresponding Amazon page. Spiffy, huh?

Today is Monday, so I went to work. After work I came home. Becky and I had cheese ravioli for dinner. I enjoyed it. I ate my ravioli from a plate, Becky ate hers from a bowl. We started some laundry, and I am currently supposed to be studying for an Math Analysis exam I have tomorrow, but I’m blogging instead.

It’s my way of sticking it to the man. Ok, ok, I’ll get back to studying.

long day

Monday is a long day at work.
..eyes get tired from computer
..fingers get tired from typing and writing
..shoulders get tense
..brain is tired

Ah, but you have to put things into perspective!
At least I have a choice. I am able to live without persecution. I am thankful.

Lunch time fun

Today is Wednesday which means I went to work. You see, I am employed full-time, like it or not. The good thing is that I live closer to work than most people live to their grocery store. This is a luxury that I take full advantage of at lunch time at least 4 days a week.

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Quarantine & Tennis

This morning I went to work. In the early afternoon, Natalie (our office manager and help desk) e-mailed us (she works from home) asking if we were having e-mail issues. She said she was unable to send a e-mail off-campus, and was unable to receive e-mails from off-campus. I did a little test, and sure enough, not going through. So, I take a look at the access-lists and make sure that traffic can get through. Looks good. Meanwhile, Smetak (Matt Smetak, out systems administrator) takes a look at Exchange itself to make sure it is working properly. It looks good from that end too.


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