School with Computers

I woke up this morning at 04:00. I was wide awake. I went into the kitchen and got some water. I drank aforementioned water. I attempted to go back to sleep. I succeeded.

I woke up again at 06:00 when my wife gets up to go to work. I took a shower, groomed myself, and ate breakfast. GrapeNuts.

I decided to take my laptop with me to school to today so I could attempt to take notes on it in class. I realized that taking notes on a computer for history class is one thing, but for math class it could present a challenge. Enter my hero: Openoffice Math! Peachy.

I didn’t attempt the computer in my differential equations class, but used it for statistics and
math analysis. Good times, I look all wired-techie and my hand doesn’t cramp up.

Added bonus to taking your laptop to school: You can blog on your lunch break! Yay!

For the less than quick: that’s what I’m doing. I’m bloging on my lunch break.

So, on Tuesday (7 Feb) my programming teacher gave us our first coding project. It’s a simple calculation program and it’s due next Thursday (16 Feb). I finished it yesterday morning. I’m going to see if he’ll let me turn it in early. Yay overachievers!

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  1. ah, grapenuts. neither grape nor nut. one of the great mysteries of our time.

    yeah, the openoffice math scripts seem similar to TeX, but easier. And microsoft equation editor, well….

    that’s how my computation class has been going too. but not my quantum class. can’t seem to get interested in that one.

    I wanna be married! hey, where are wedding photos???

    btw, I too, am spiderman.

    punctuation seems to have no place in a physicist’s life.

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