Wedding Eve

One more day until the wedding. At the time I write this, ther’s something like seventeen hours left.

Yup. Here we go.

Our rehersal went well, our rehersal dinner went even better. It was great to see all the relatives that came into town. Today Becky and I just tried to take it easy.

We both slept in, and I came over to Becky’s around 10:00. We hung out with her grandmother, Beverly for a while, and grabbed some Wendy’s for lunch. Matt came over and we moved Becky’s TV and our DVD’s over to our new place. While we were over there we rearranged it so its a bit more live-able.

Went to church tonight, came back, got some Quizno’s for dinner. I’m now going to go back to my place and pack for our hotel stay.

I’m trying to convince myself that this is just a regular weekend. It’s not working.

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