Bachelor Party

What a weekend!

On Friday (6 Jan) I left work at noon to finish packing. John picked me up and we started our drive to Las Vegas. It was fairly uneventful, but not completely. Somewhere after Baker and before Primm, I realized that I couldn’t make it another hour without stopping to urinate.

I informed the driver, and he told me that we could exit the freeway at the next exit, where it looked like there was a truck stop and a restaurant. Once we pulled off the 15, we realized that the establishments we had seen had be out of business and abandoned for some time. It looked remarkably like a bad horror movie: nothing but a couple of abandoned buildings and desert. The buildings were out of the question for me to relieve myself, which left the desert. I jumped out, run out to a bush,
urinated, and hopped back in the car. It’s a good thing I was so quick, because When we were making our way back to the freeway past the ruins, we noticed some movement among them. We looked over to see a man milling about, with no other vehicles to be seen. He would have stabbed me with a sharpened mule jawbone and hollowed out my skull to use as a goblet, I’m sure.

Got into town, picked up my father, drove to my friend’s (and best man’s) house to start the event. First, dinner at Buca Di Beppo’s. Nice. We got the kitchen booth so we got to listen to the head chef yell at all the cooks, so that was fun. After dinner, we drove to the
and went to this western bar called Gilley’s. We drank beer. Jeff rode the bull. After the bull, Matt (as he has a knack for) got us in this exclusive lounge at the top (and I mean the top) of the Mandalay Bay. We smoked cigars, drank brandy, and just talked. We went back to Matt’s house, played a few games of pool, I threw up, and we went back to my parents house to sleep.

John and I got up, packed all our stuff again, and drove back to friendly Orange

I got back to my place, shaved, changed clothes, picked up Becky, and we drove to San Juan Capistrano for our engagement photo shoot with the photographer who is doing our wedding. It was this great looking old mission and we had a lot of fun. We already got the proofs back, and they look great.

I got a call from my mothers eldest brother and his wife. They’re in town for the wedding and wanted to take us out to dinner. We took them up on the offer on Sunday (8 Jan) night. My aunt, my uncle, Sharon, Becky and I went to a great Irish pub in downtown Seal Beach called O’Malley’s. Really good corned beef. My
aunt & uncle may very possibly be the very most interesting people in the world. They have been just about everywhere and done just about everything. It’s really fun to talk to them, and we all had a great time.

Weekend: done.

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