New Year

Happy new year!

I hope you all have made resolutions for the new year.

I have.

This year, 2006, I resolve to:

  1. Cease my previous habit of unabashed singleness
  2. Pursue a more active role in my hobby of phrenology
  3. Advance further in my wizardhood to at least level ten

I also plan to blog more regularly, but that’s more of a decision rather than a resolution. I didn’t exactly resolve to blog more, I just decided to.

Anyway, My holiday went quickly.

Since Christmas was on Sunday, we had services as regular. So I worked Christmas morning. In the afternoon, Becky, Sharon & I drove up to Hisperia to Christie’s mother’s house. We all had a fantastic time eating, visiting, eating, lauging and eating.

For the week between Christmas and
New Years, I had the week off, but Becky didn’t. Most days, I would sleep in, come over to Becky’s empty house, read my book, watch TV, and plan for our wedding.

My coworker, Stephen, got a new position full-time at a church, so 2005 was his last year at our organization. I’ve been working with Stephen since I started at Hope five years ago. I’m sad to see him go, happy for him in his new endeavor, and happy that I got his laptop.

It’s nice.

For New years eve, John, Blair, Christie, Sally, Charlie, Sharon and I had a good time at Sharon’s house. We played games, my team won. We watched Dick Clark’s glorious (read: depressing) return for New Years eve. We counted down to the new year, my team won.

Today is Becky’s birthday. We went to Bella Terra to see Fun with Dick and Jane. The movie was scheduled to start at 1430 (read: 2:30 pm) we got to the theatre at about 1405 and the movie was sold out. Well, not exactle sold out, but the nice gentleman selling the tickets informed us that the theatre was very full and the only availible seats were unconfortably close to the screen. We opted to pass on the film today and instead went on a fantastic day of shopping. We shopped at the Burlington Coat Factory, Ulta, World Market, Barnes & Noble, and Jamba Juice.

I purchased a book at Barnes & Noble to supplement me once I finish the book I am currently reading. I took my selection up to the cash register to purchase it, but once I placed it on the counter, the nice woman excused herself and came back a few moments later holding another copy of my selection. She asked me if I wanted the other copy, since it’s signed by the author. She told me it was the same price, so I agreed. So now I have a copy of A Feast for Crows signed by George RR Martin. So that’s awesome.

After our adventure at the beautiful earth, we advanced to dinner.

Blair, Christie, Sally, Charlie, Sharon, Becky and I celebrated Becky’s birthday with wine and food. The way all birthdays ever should be celebrated.

nGood times.

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