Where ya been?


So very busy.

School has been pretty crazy. Homework has been piling up, and first round of mid-terms were this week. Every time I get the great idea to do some homework while I’m at work, it transforms into one of those days where I leave my desk at 8:30 and don’t return until 17:00.

So… I like pizza.

Busy Day

Work today was busy. I spent all day finishing up wiring the new financial aid offices.

About six months ago, we got word that financial aid would be moving offices. We talked to the head of the department and got all the info we needed (mostly all we need to know is how many computers there are and where they will go) and started the wiring.
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Today is my birthday! Yay!

Nothing much eventful happened at work, I found a typing tutor for my FrogPad (blogging on it now), and got up to, but not exceding, fifteen words per minute, so that’s fun.

After work Becky and I headed over to the church. They were having auditions for the Christmas musical, and I tried out. Well, when one goes to an audition, you need to reember to bring your headshot. Prior to tonight, I didn’t have one. I do now. Becky took that picture for me last night, and before my parents left, they helped me with the resume. Good stuff, I hope you enjoy it.

I was al prepared to sing ‘O Canada,’ but they didn’t ask me, I just did a reading. I’ll let you know how it turns out.


It has been a while since my last blog, I know.

first things first: Well, there are a lot of first things, so I’ll just stream-of-conscience it. I’m blogging on my pda and it doesn’t suck! Why, you ask, good question, I answer. My parents gave me a FrogPad for my birthday! Yay! I’m blogging on it now!
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Pizza and Gatorade

Work today wasn’t much. Just a couple of service requests, and I’m looking at pricing tablet PC’s for less than $2000.00. You see, about four months ago, I wrote a proposal to my boss, Mike, discussing why the department should buy be a tablet PC. It was very well-written. So, Mike told me that he agrees with my proposal and will buy me a tablet once the new fiscal year starts. The new fiscal year started, no tablet. Earlier this week I send him an e-mail asking what the status of the tablet is. He tells me that even though the new fiscal year started, Mike tells me that budget is still really tight, so he can’t make any new purchases. He was hoping to use the money that we hope to get from the Microsoft settlement for this use (Microsoft +
legal system = nothing will ever happen). He did tell me that if the price was less than $2000.00, he would be able to move some budget money around. So I’ve been looking at pricing of tablets under $2000.00. Let me know if you see any good ones (I want a slate, not a convertible, and I need wireless and bluetooth).
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Coprolite and LAX

Second week of school: Done.

Classes this morning went well.

We did this stupid exercise in history class where we were given a list of the Jamestown settlers. We then had to get into groups and count the number of men, women, and children; list the occupations; talk about what it all means. Lee and I got together and just started counting. People around us were asking questions like, “This name says ‘boy,’ but also labourer… should I list him as a child?” Lee and I just wanted to say, “It doesn’t matter in the slightest.” Because it doesn’t.
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Catchin Up

Well, no updates since last Thursday (1 Sept). So I’ve got some catchin-you-up to do.

I don’t recall much happening on Friday. I’ll repost this if I recall.

Saturday was my father’s birthday. He’s older than me. Saturday was also the first anniversary of the day I asked Becky to marry me.

So, to celebrate, I called my father and wished him a happy birthday.

To celebrate our year-long engagement, Becky and I went to the restaurant that we went to a year ago.
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So, why have I been slacking on updates you ask? School started, I’ve been busy. Get off my case.


I’ll update tonight.

Flying Beer

Class session number two: done.

One week down, fifteen or sixteen to go. I don’t remember exactly. Sixteen I think. Or Fifteen. Maybe fourteen.

Woke up at an abominable hour (now, Becky and I had a conversation about this. Waking up from 5:00 to 6:00 is abominable, 6:01 to 8:00 is bearable, 8:01 to 10:00 is comfortable, 10:01 to 14:00 is ideal, 14:01 to 18:00 means you should get out more, 18:01 to 22:00 means you got your days and nights mixed up, and anything from 22:01 to 4:59 means the Lord has forsaken you) to be at Becky’s for our carpool.
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