Church puzzle

Today, first I woke up.
Then I drove to work.
Then I worked.
Then I came home.

Wednesdays are traditionally High School bible study night. Normally, I would head to Becky’s house, pick her up, then both of us would head over to church to lead.
For the past few weeks, Becky has had summer school on Wednesday night, so I have been going to High School alone.

yup, continued…
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Sidebar and wieners

A couple of things before I begin.

Those of you that are remotely observant will notice that I’ve added some content to the sidebar on the left. For those of you not observant, I’m now pointing it out to you.

First is the picture of me today. This is just what is sounds like. I’ll try to take a picture of myself everyday and post it. Today’s is taken from my trusty camera phone.

Next is the quote of the day. This will be a collection of actual conversations that I either overhead or said myself.

Finally is the site of the day. This will be some things on the wide world wide web that you may not have seen before that I deem necessary that one should see.

For the quote of the day and the site of the day, keep in mind that they’re only called that because ”
Site of the indeterminate period of time” would not fit.

Onto my day…
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Wall of fire

Work today was interesting, and long.

During the day, I was fiddling with this old LCD screen that we had scavenged from a laptop a while back. It was still working, so I figured we could find a use for it someday. I got tired of waiting, so I took it apart.

I got it down to a faintly transparent screen (you can barely see through it if you hold us up to the light) and some wire ribbons hanging off the left and right sides of it. Well I was messing with it today, and I remembered discussing lcds in one of my physics classes. I recalled a principle on how they work. If you don’t want to check out that link and learn about ’em, shame on you. But the basic idea is that when you run a current over them, they become transparent. So, I thought, what would happen if I hooked up say, a 9V battery? So I did.

more? more.