Aha! A Saturday blog! Whatever is going on here? I wanted to blog, get off my case.

Woke up about my normal time. Realized it was Saturday, so I slept for a couple more hours. Got up, bathed myself, groomed myself, drove to Becky’s place.

Becky was at a appointment with her stylist, so I hung out a bit and worked on the website a bit (you’ll notice a new site and quote). I also played a bit with my newest software purchase: Microsoft Money 2006.

that’s not it…

I’ve been a patron of the Microsoft Money products for three years now, and am fairly happy with it. I particularly enjoy the Money for the Pocket PC

Becky came home and her hair looked great (I was sure to tell her so). We were hungry, and it was lunch time too, so that was convenient. Drove through In-N-Out.

Normally after lunch on Saturdays I go straight to the church to help set up for the weekend service. Last night I overheard Billy say there was a wedding at the church at 13:30, so Becky and I decide we’ll just go by, eat our food and view the wedding from the second floor control room. We park in the staff parking, and as we are walking up to the staff entrance, we notice a female wedding guest going around to enter in the stage entrance. A bit weird since the main entrance is on the complete opposite side of the building, but nothing to be alarmed about.

We enter, and go up the back stairs to the second level which overlooks the main auditorium. Upon our arrival on the second floor we ran into the mystery woman. We muttered a confused “Hi” and
went on our way.

When Becky and I reached the control room, John and Billy were there. We mentioned the strange lady hanging out on the second floor. At that point, both Billy and John took off like (insert clever analogy here). There was a lot of commotion and at one point John came back to the control room to run down the main stairs, and he said, “I’ll explain later.”

First of all, it turns out that this was the wedding of our Mayor, Jill Hardy. Second, I guess she’s not on good terms with all the members of her family, and explicitly told these family members not to come. Well, one came. Billy and John were told to keep an eye out, which is why they reacted so quickly.

I went down to the church’s main entrance, and met John there. He asked me to stay there, and if any uniformed police officers show up to show them upstairs. A few minutes later, one unmarked and one
marked police cruiser pull in to the parking lot, I wave them in and show them upstairs. Exciting!

After the wedding, I got the whole run down. Bob Ewing, our executive pastor, was also told to keep an eye out for this particular person. Also, the HB chief of police was a wedding guest. Well, on behalf of the bride, Bob asked the unwelcome guest to leave, and since the church is technically private property, had her physically escorted off the campus. Upon hearing this, the woman declared that she was not going to go quietly and the officers were going to have to carry her. To prevent a scene, they just kept her in one of the upstairs offices until the ceremony was over, and then escorted her off.


After the wedding, John, Billy, and I cleared the stage and prepared for our normal weekend service. IT went pretty well.

As a footnote, I’m off to CIY all of next week and will be unable to blog. Sorry, you’re going to have to live without
it. Try to survive.

3 Replies to “Saturday!”

  1. Your folks, Bekah and John (her boyfriend) along with Sydney and I really enjoyed your narrative.
    Quite interesting wedding ceremony. Glad there was no blood. You’re not planning on having one like that are you?

  2. I think that I enjoyed this Special Edition of the Saturday blog. I also think that it may be appropriate to blog more often on Saturday…or on Sunday and give us a weekend wrap-up kinda thing.

  3. She should have run into the big room and shouted "Sanctuary! Sanctuary!" because then they could not have done anything to her… I saw it in The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

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