Vippin sharpies

At work today I was looking online to find some drivers for these Cisco 350 series PCI wireless cards we have. Well, I don’t know how many of you all out there in internet land have actually tried to find something specific on Cisco’s site… well, it’s not that easy.

After much searching, I found the file I was looking for, but I got this message that said I need additional access to download that file. So I started jumping through hoops trying to get myself some access, and came across a page that asked for my Cisco contract numbers. Well, we have a contract, I just didn’t know the numbers. So I e-mail our Mike Stanley, our account rep at the company through which we bought all our Cisco gear, and he e-mailed me the info I needed. Nice guy, he’s
actually the same guy who took our department to Taps oh so long ago.

There’s more to today…

So off I go to the web form, and I fill in our contract numbers hoping for some access to what I need. No luck, I get an error saying the contract numbers do not appear to be valid. Well, I just e-mailed Cisco and told them what was going on and gave them our contract numbers. They e-mailed me back fairly quickly with a notice that they update my access. Yay! Got the files I needed, installed the drivers.

Went to El Farolito for lunch. It’s this Mexican restaurant in Placentia that we’ve been to a couple times before. Really good carnitas. I got the beef.

I had to work late again. It’s actually a very similar situation to what happened before. I was setting up centralized authentication, this time on our VPN Concentrator. Yup, I locked myself out again and had to perform a password recovery. This one was going to be a bit easier than the firewall for a couple of reasons. First, there’s only one of ’em. No worries for recalling configs. Second, it’s not a “mission-critical” appliance. We only use it for our remote offices that use a software VPN to connect to our network, like I’m doing right now, and we use it for the employees of this contract company that does work for us.

So I go in to turn the thing off and connect my laptop to it so I can recover the passwords, when I notice it doesn’t have a normal console port.

The console port is what I would plug my laptop directly into, and they are normally RS-232 communication with a RJ-45 end, but this one was RS-232 with a DE9M end. I wasn’t prepared for this. All I had were DE9F to RJ-45 converters but I was without a gender changer. I tried connecting a DE9F to RJ45 changer to a rollover cable, back to a RJ-45 to DE9F changer, but that didn’t work.

I was getting pretty frustrated at this point, and I was reaching the end of the outage window I had specified to the users, so I just turned the dang thing off. I turned it back on and it worked. Boy, am I a smart one. I must not have saved the configuration that locked me out, so when I reset it, it just reverted back to my old authentication, which is working fine now.

Because I was leaving later, my commute was much quicker, so that was nice.

Got home, picked up Becky
and Sharon, and we went to the church for a Technical Arts Ministry Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. Good food, good fun, free Sharpies. Can’t ask for more.

Becky and I came home, went for our nightly swim, and now Ima bloggin.

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