Adventures in Garden

Work, commute, blah blah.

On my way home, Becky called me and told me that the proof for our invitations were in.

By the way, for those of you who don’t know, Becky and I bought our invitations this past weekend. We had been planning on going last Thursday and Friday, but other stuff came up. We went to a couple places on Sunday and found one that we like, so we went over the text and color and stuff with the consultant. I snapped some photos in the midst of it all.


Anyways, the place called to let us know that the proof was in, so we thought that we’d go by and check ’em out.

We went swimming first.

Then we headed down to South Coast Plaza to approve or disapprove. We approved.

Then we went to eat at Ruby’s. Yum!

On our way home, we stopped by Best Buy. Just for fun. In the midst of browsing, we sauntered into the movie section and underwent heavy temptation. We caved. We got a couple of movies: Garden State and Adventures in Babysitting.

Drove home, and proceeded to view one of our newly acquired motion pictures. Garden State is a really good movie. I read some reviews and they were mixed, but I really liked it and so did Becky. If you didn’t like it, you’re wrong.


2 Replies to “Adventures in Garden”

  1. I agree with your final remark. It was good, we liked it therefore all should. (Or else they will heretofore be labelled as inferior to us)

  2. I disagree. I was bored by the movie and thought the main character’s friends were all punks. even the main character was a punk. well, maybe more of a brat. I don’t remember the movie that well, but i remember being really annoyed by the end. not that I don’t enjoy an indie flick every now and then. just not this one. speaking of punks and indie flicks, how bout slc punk? that was an awesome movie.

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