This one’s short.

Went to work, worked on some more documents. I was revising this one that we give out explaining some general stuff about e-mail and network access. Drove home, picked up Becky, went to church. Led. Drove though Del Taco (not literally, just up around the pick-up window). Ate, talked to Sharon about her trip.

We originally were going to pick up Sharon form LAX tonight but Becky and I wanted to go to High School Bible Study because it’s the last meeting before CIY next week (Becky and I are both going as leaders). Well, Blair volunteered to pick her up, so that was nice.

After the stories, we watched my new DVD: X-Men 1.5 (It’s really just X-Men, but the renamed the DVD 1.5 once X2 came out).

That’s it.

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