Dinner at Blair’s

Today I woke up late. Again. It’s a good thing I took a shower last night so I don’t smell like I’ve been rubbing bellies with heavyweight professional wrestlers. I haven’t.

Drove to work. Arrived at work. Worked.

Last semester at school, I had taken a Technical Writing class. Today, I put some of my learned skills into practice.

I helped draw up some documents to hand out to students at new student orientation. Nothing fancy, just how to use the phones, voicemail, set up your computer to use the internet access, etc. You can read it if you like. And another.

Feel free to leave me feedback with any typos or grammatical errors and the such.

Went to lunch at Wahoo’s. Remembered to shut the car off.

Onto my evening…

Got a call from Becky. She told me that Blair and Christie wanted to have us over for dinner. If you know me, you know I accepted the invitation.

Drove to Becky’s house, picked her up, drove over to Blair’s house. Ate some fantastic chicken, some tasty cauliflower, and some savory green beans. Fantastic!

Got to play with Blair’s new 15″ Powerbook, got to play with Sally, watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

After we got home, Becky and I still wanted to exercise to we headed down to the Beachwalk pool to do some laps. We were excited because we got some new goggles (not to be confused with google) and were itching to try ’em out. Wow, swimming laps with goggles makes such a difference. My eyes don’t burn, I can actually see where I’m going, and I stay in my lane. Yay goggles!

3 Replies to “Dinner at Blair’s”

  1. What no picture of the fantastic chicken, tasty cauliflower and savory green beans? Swimming is good. If your dad and I don’t move (that’s a whole nother story) we are going to put a lap pool in the backyard! Mom

  2. Becky, If you find Rita and I both realllllly good jobs (or at least realllllly good paying jobs), it would be a lot easier for us to move.

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