Keys. Cars.

Got up today in the morning. Good time to get up, I thought. Drove to work. Good place to go, I thought.

Worked a bit, decided to go to lunch. Good idea, I thought.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I had been making payments on my car (Good thing to do, I thought). Well, since I had been making these payments on my car loan, The amount I owed gradually decreased (that’s the way it works, I understand). If I had just made the suggested payments, my car would have been paid off my April of 2006. I had not been making the suggested payments, I had paying more. I actually made my last payment a couple of weeks ago. Yay me!

So last week I checked the bank’s website to see why I hadn’t gotten my title in the mail. It turns out that I still had a negative account balance. -$0.65. Yup, two quarters, a dime, and a nickel.

So today during lunch time I decided
to stop by the Credit Union’s branch to give them their freaking change to pay off my car.

Mike and Matt (my boss and our PC Tech) wanted to go to lunch with me, so I obliged. We piled in the sixty-five-cents-away-from-being-mine-motorcoach and off we went.

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Our first stop was to my bank to get some cash for the week. Done.

Our second stop was to Jack in the Box for some nutrition before my big payoff.
Pulled into the parking lot, there were no spots whatsoever. I took a vote, at we unanimously decided to come back after the errands.

Third and final stop, Orange County’s Credit Union. (Not to be confused with Orange County Teacher’s Federal
Credit Union)

I had never been to any branch, so I looked it up online, and was on my way to the Fullerton location.
Found the address, it was in a shopping center-type thing. Found a relatively close spot, pulled in, put the car into park, made sure Matt was able to squeeze out of the back seat, made sure the door was locked, made sure the windows were up, closed the doors. (Notice anything I missed? Neither did I at the time)

Went into the branch, filled in the little deposit slip (for 65 cents), stood in line, paid sixty-five cents. Car loan = done!

Feeling exulted with myself, I met my co-workers back up and we all marched to my car. I reached in my pocket to get my keys, and realized that my keys are not in my pocket. My keys are not in my pocket! Where
the crap are my keys? Oh crap, my keys are in my car! OH CRAP, my car is still running!

Yes. I had locked my keys in my newly paid-off car. While it was still running.
Yes. I had locked my keys in my just-then, paid-off, still-running car.


So I’m thinking this is the perfect time to panic. So I laugh. Mike and Matt don’t laugh.

Well, I’ve got to fix this. So, I go next door to the Credit Union to the Vans store and ask them for a wire hanger. They don’t.

I go next door to that to the SportMart. I ask them if they had a wire hanger. They don’t.

I go next door to them to the Party America. I ask them if they had a wire hanger. They don’t. But….. a friendly patron overheard my request and told me that she had just gotten back from
the dry cleaner’s and has a wire hanger in her car. Splendid! How nice is that?

Now armed with my new device, I march back to my constantly-idling vehicle to commit what will look like a felony. It really did. Matt had AAA, so about 10 minutes into my act, he makes the call. I continue working because I figure that I can’t just sit on the curb for a half hour while my car is running. Ten minutes later I succeed. Matt calls the sissies at AAA back and tells them that the position has been filled.

Now that I can actually get behind the wheel of my now-all-the-way-mine automobile, I shuttle the fellows back to Jack in the Box. We had to get it to go and eat it in back the office.

After work, I came home. Becky and I decided that we should start getting some exercise. We narrowed it down to running, cycling,
or swimming.

We went swimming.


2 Replies to “Keys. Cars.”

  1. Oh My Word!! How funny is that?! How much gas did you figure that you used. I saw a video of a car that had been left running and the person got out thinking it was in park and the car took off an ran in a circle (without a driver.) The police said it would take about 37 hours for the car to run out of gas! Happy days, thought, the car is all yours!! Proud of you son. Luv Mom

  2. I think I know what I am buying you for your birthday, a AAA membership. Don’t worry even some one of my high intellect has been locked out of my car while it’s running. Though not wanting to damage any locking mechanisms I called the kind folks at the Automobile Club and informed them of my idiocity…they promptly dispatched one of their representatives and even put a rush on the order since the engine was running. Of course, you can also always use the line that you’ve locked your keys in the car while it’s running and your kid is locked in too. Though they may frown upon that. I’ll let you know next time I try it.

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