Day: Fair

I had a little mental conversation with myself last night during which I was told (and I did tell) that I would awaken at the first buzz of my alarm clock, whence I would throw open the curtains, and shout, “Good morning world!”

It didn’t exactly pan out like that.

I woke up approximately 40 minutes late and rushed to get ready so I wasn’t absurdly late to work. Traffic was reasonable light so I was only about 10 minutes late.

Worked in the morning, went to Knowlwood again for lunch. This time I got the chicken caesar salad. It was pretty good. Much better than the fish and chips.

Worked some more in the afternoon, came home.

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Now, yesterday, Becky and I were
planning to go out and look at some invitations. However we forgot that Sharon (Becky’s mom) needed us to driver her to the airport. So we did. Got in the car at 21:22. Got back home at 23:20. Yup, two hours. LAX sucks.

Anyways, since we didn’t look at invitations, we were planning to go tonight. Well, our plans changed again. We decided to go to the OC Fair instead!

We met Blair, Christie and Sally there and proceeded to enjoy ourselves.

Although fair-going can be an enjoyable experience, there are some unspoken rules that must be followed:

  1. You must consume fried foods. —— We had hot dog on a stick, and
    funnel cake.
  2. You must see someone that clearly belongs on medication. —— We saw some guy screaming into his cell phone and laughing hysterically.
  3. You must see a retired person watching the knife demonstration and looking like they’re seriously considering a purchase. —— We saw two!
  4. You must see vomit. —— I don’t remember explicitly seeing any, but there was an unidentified liquid on a table we almost sat at.

So it looks like we got a solid 3/4 with some bonus points for the double fried foods.

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  1. And don’t forget you can put anything on a stick. One other category you missed is seeing people in the heart of the OC who look like they came out their cousins house in the Ozarks covered in lipstick.

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