Good day

Today was a good day.

Just trust me.

Okay okay, I’ll tell ya more about it.

Went to work, determined that I would get some work done today. I’ll get to what in a minute. First of all, you may be aware of my saga with eBay. For those of you too dang lazy to read my past blog, I had bid on and won this item more than a month ago and had still not received it. I got word from the seller that when he went to pack it up he couldn’t find the battery, so he had to buy a new one, and was waiting for that to come in, and etc. etc. Well, my new pocket pc finally came in today!

It’s sweet sweetness. I can sync wirelessly via Bluetooth, I can get on the internet via WiFi, I can control my home theatre system via IrDa, I can take pictures via the 1.2 MP camera! Oh, yea.

Armed with my new toy, I walked around to all of the network closets and documented all the network ports on campus. Sounds fun? It wasn’t really that fun.

Came home, went to help out with high school bible study with Becky, went to Del Taco, got a couple of fish tacos, came home, blogged. Yup.

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