Remember back when I had to stay late at work and perform password recovery on the pix firewall? …You sure? Well, I finished up the job today.

You see, I originally locked myself out of the firewall when I was attempting to set up centralized authentication for all our network devices. Think of it as keys for doors. You can either have each door have a separate key, or you can re-key all the locks so one key will open them all. If you want the technical stuff, here ya go. Anyway, I obviously messed up when I was attempting to re-key the firewall, and locked myself out.
Well, I successfully got it so I can access the pix using the centralized authentication. Yay me!

What about after work? Okay okay…

work, I got myself a glass of gatorade. Lemon-lime. Yum.

After that, Becky and I went on a little trip to Big Newport to see Fantastic Four. Fantastic.

First of all, if you’ve never been to Big Newport, you should go. Even if you must travel out-of-state to do so, well… it may not be worth it in that case, but it is pretty awesome. The theatre is big. Really big. It seats 1,108 people in one showing. The floor space has got to be about the size of a football field. The screen measures 40′ by 80′ and there are no bad seats. So, good then.

The movie was good. It was a fun movie that was pretty much as expected. No oscars there, but it was a fun night out.

By the way, sometime today I kissed Becky. I won’t say where or when. Chew on that.

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