Apple Crate

Today: Friday.

Today I went to work, worked. Went to lunch, lunched. Came home, commuted.

After all that jazz, Becky and were spending a brainstorming session discovering what we shall do with our Friday night. I wanted to go to the Apple store to get a cradle for our iPod. So we did.

Uh.. is that it? No.

We headed over to South Coast Plaza to fulfill my whim.

At the Apple store we poked around, and looked at the new computers that the Church is getting. Pretty neat!

We got the cradle, and started wondering around the mall.

We wondered into Crate and Barrel. We decided that now was as good a time as any to take another step in our wedding planning: registering.

So, we talked to the friendly representative, he gave us a scanner device, and off we went! Man, that was fun, it was like laser tag meets Christmas. ooOOOoo! I want that! Beep! That’s looks nice! Beep! And that! Beep! Hehe we might have gotten a little crazy, but we were able to edit it all afterwards online.

After our shopping-free spree, we came home and chomped on leftovers.


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  1. You know, I think registering has been my favorite part of the ‘wedding’ plans because it has more to do with the marriage. For example, yeah, I am going to wear the dress and that’s exciting but it’s one day. But these glasses and dishes will be ours for many many years….I like that idea.

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