Aha! A Saturday blog! Whatever is going on here? I wanted to blog, get off my case.

Woke up about my normal time. Realized it was Saturday, so I slept for a couple more hours. Got up, bathed myself, groomed myself, drove to Becky’s place.

Becky was at a appointment with her stylist, so I hung out a bit and worked on the website a bit (you’ll notice a new site and quote). I also played a bit with my newest software purchase: Microsoft Money 2006.

that’s not it…
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Vippin sharpies

At work today I was looking online to find some drivers for these Cisco 350 series PCI wireless cards we have. Well, I don’t know how many of you all out there in internet land have actually tried to find something specific on Cisco’s site… well, it’s not that easy.

After much searching, I found the file I was looking for, but I got this message that said I need additional access to download that file. So I started jumping through hoops trying to get myself some access, and came across a page that asked for my Cisco contract numbers. Well, we have a contract, I just didn’t know the numbers. So I e-mail our Mike Stanley, our account rep at the company through which we bought all our Cisco gear, and he e-mailed me the info I needed. Nice guy, he’s
actually the same guy who took our department to Taps oh so long ago.

There’s more to today…
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Adventures in Garden

Work, commute, blah blah.

On my way home, Becky called me and told me that the proof for our invitations were in.

By the way, for those of you who don’t know, Becky and I bought our invitations this past weekend. We had been planning on going last Thursday and Friday, but other stuff came up. We went to a couple places on Sunday and found one that we like, so we went over the text and color and stuff with the consultant. I snapped some photos in the midst of it all.

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This one’s short.

Went to work, worked on some more documents. I was revising this one that we give out explaining some general stuff about e-mail and network access. Drove home, picked up Becky, went to church. Led. Drove though Del Taco (not literally, just up around the pick-up window). Ate, talked to Sharon about her trip.

We originally were going to pick up Sharon form LAX tonight but Becky and I wanted to go to High School Bible Study because it’s the last meeting before CIY next week (Becky and I are both going as leaders). Well, Blair volunteered to pick her up, so that was nice.

After the stories, we watched my new DVD: X-Men 1.5 (It’s really just X-Men, but the renamed the DVD 1.5 once X2 came out).

That’s it.

Dinner at Blair’s

Today I woke up late. Again. It’s a good thing I took a shower last night so I don’t smell like I’ve been rubbing bellies with heavyweight professional wrestlers. I haven’t.

Drove to work. Arrived at work. Worked.

Last semester at school, I had taken a Technical Writing class. Today, I put some of my learned skills into practice.

I helped draw up some documents to hand out to students at new student orientation. Nothing fancy, just how to use the phones, voicemail, set up your computer to use the internet access, etc. You can read it if you like. And another.

Feel free to leave me feedback with any typos or grammatical errors and the such.

Went to lunch at Wahoo’s. Remembered to shut the car off.

Onto my evening…
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Keys. Cars.

Got up today in the morning. Good time to get up, I thought. Drove to work. Good place to go, I thought.

Worked a bit, decided to go to lunch. Good idea, I thought.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I had been making payments on my car (Good thing to do, I thought). Well, since I had been making these payments on my car loan, The amount I owed gradually decreased (that’s the way it works, I understand). If I had just made the suggested payments, my car would have been paid off my April of 2006. I had not been making the suggested payments, I had paying more. I actually made my last payment a couple of weeks ago. Yay me!

So last week I checked the bank’s website to see why I hadn’t gotten my title in the mail. It turns out that I still had a negative account balance. -$0.65. Yup, two quarters, a dime, and a nickel.

So today during lunch time I decided
to stop by the Credit Union’s branch to give them their freaking change to pay off my car.

Mike and Matt (my boss and our PC Tech) wanted to go to lunch with me, so I obliged. We piled in the sixty-five-cents-away-from-being-mine-motorcoach and off we went.

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Day: Fair

I had a little mental conversation with myself last night during which I was told (and I did tell) that I would awaken at the first buzz of my alarm clock, whence I would throw open the curtains, and shout, “Good morning world!”

It didn’t exactly pan out like that.

I woke up approximately 40 minutes late and rushed to get ready so I wasn’t absurdly late to work. Traffic was reasonable light so I was only about 10 minutes late.

Worked in the morning, went to Knowlwood again for lunch. This time I got the chicken caesar salad. It was pretty good. Much better than the fish and chips.

Worked some more in the afternoon, came home.

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Remember back when I had to stay late at work and perform password recovery on the pix firewall? …You sure? Well, I finished up the job today.

You see, I originally locked myself out of the firewall when I was attempting to set up centralized authentication for all our network devices. Think of it as keys for doors. You can either have each door have a separate key, or you can re-key all the locks so one key will open them all. If you want the technical stuff, here ya go. Anyway, I obviously messed up when I was attempting to re-key the firewall, and locked myself out.
Well, I successfully got it so I can access the pix using the centralized authentication. Yay me!

What about after work? Okay okay…
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Apple Crate

Today: Friday.

Today I went to work, worked. Went to lunch, lunched. Came home, commuted.

After all that jazz, Becky and were spending a brainstorming session discovering what we shall do with our Friday night. I wanted to go to the Apple store to get a cradle for our iPod. So we did.

Uh.. is that it? No.
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