Did you know…

that Kurt is hilarious? Well, he is. I had a funny story to tell you about but the second I sat down to write it, I forgot.
He gets especially hilarious and when he is trying to avoid homework. In fact, he will do ANYTHING to avoid it. Even watch TV shows that he hates (like Ugly Betty).
New topic, While Kurt and I are earnestly trying to start making a sacrifice of our money Kurt did buy me something of great interest to us both. He bought it for a few reasons: #1 it was featured on woot.com and #2 it is a robot. Yes, we are (nearly) the proud owners of a Roomba. He bought it “for me” because it is a vacuum (and we conform to some stereotypical gender roles). Is our culture based on materialism? Yes. Am I proud of that? No. Will I enjoy this robot? You betcha. I will let you know how much later on.