Hot days and nights and a long post.

Dear Readers,

Well, it has been hot lately. (Ken and Rita, it’s in the upper 80’s here. I think if you came out now that Rita might not need a sweater!) Tonight Kurt and I drove down to South County to eat. We didn’t have a planned route. We just went south and exited the freeway, made turns on a whim, and chose a restaurant that looked unique.

More...You see, Kurt likes Mini’s and in the Mini world this behavior is called “motoring.” While we may not *YET* have a Mini we can act like it. We wound up eating at Mangia Bene Ristorante in Laguna Niguel. Mainly because Italian food is decidedly the best kind of food there ever was. The food was great. Our waitron looked a bit like Paris Hilton around the lower face. Afterwards we drove around with the
windows down to enjoy this beautiful night. We came upon a shopping center and there was a Wal-Mart. Kurt and I have often stumbled into this chain on trips to other cities (see Las Vegas). Anyhow, we looked around at the stuff. Mainly we enjoyed the people watching that goes with a store of that nature. Also any chance Kurt gets to play an XBOX360…You know….nerdsy-like.

Work: Today was a good day at work. I like my job very much. My boss was out last week on vacation…so I suffered last week with a lot of work….and this week with not enough work. But by today it was more back to normal. Not just workload but attitude. Like when you get back from vacation and remember that you live in reality and owe people money and you have to go to a job daily to get that money….You know? And also my attitude for feeling alone there because I’m new. But WOW, Look at Kurt and I…real working professionals. Now, next May Kurt is a free man that’s the next huge goal. Everybody ready to celebrate his
graduation!? YEAH!!

Today wraps up the week for those who went to CIY. I didn’t go. This was difficult for me, but I know that the hearts and lives of students are changed (whether I go or not). I say, Lord it is all in your hands, we desire Your will. I just pray that they come home safely tomorrow.

The 26th of July, this was the 70th anniversary of my Father’s birth. That means my dad, if he were alive would be 70. What would he look like now I wonder? Like an old man? The last time I saw him he was only 59. He looked old then but everyone looks old when you’re 15. I cannot deny that there is still a deep hurting here, but as cheesy as it may seem I have a Father that will not forsake me. Even my father here on Earth did. And I know (like Bruce said a million times) I wasn’t put here to be in comfort but to build the character of Christ. So call me Bob the Builder.

Oh yeah, today at lunch I saw this Mom and her two daughters. The oldest daughter was say…13 or 14 and the little
one looked about 4. They all had purses. The littlest girl was getting a lesson from Mom and Sis on how to wear it on your shoulder. Her purse was purple and sparkly. It was just about the cutest thing. Then of course I thought of Sally. She’s been wearing a purse for weeks now. Trés chic, bien sûr!

Did I mention I have been brushing off my French? Oui, Kurt wants to learn. It comes back fairly well and reminds me how much je l’aime (I love it)! I have been teaching him things over the past years we’ve known each other. His French pronunciation is pretty good, I’d say. It’s summer, that’s what you we do, you we learn things. Are we alone here?

This morning on my way to work I heard something that well, made me cry a bit and really put things in perspective. A father (who is a medical doctor of pediatrics) told his (grown) daughter a story about one of the most memorable days he had as a doctor. He had a patient, a little girl, who was brought in with
yellow eyes and who was fatigued. He knew right away that her liver was failing. They told the family that she would need a liver transplant if she hoped to survive. After 10 days of talking with the family and caring for their child the doctor had a difficult task. He had to tell them the news that her brain functions dropped to the point that she was not able to survive. The family, heartbroken and devastated almost immediately asked if her organs could help others to survive. And of course they could help, so they gave her corneas, pancreas, and kidneys to 3 children who desperately needed them. Wow. Imagine, in a time when their first instinct could have easily been to display their sadness and retreat into the darkness of their terrible loss. They offered hope to three other families.

Now, you have to realize, like I said earlier this week at work had been tough.(Not that bad really). But I work at a Medical Group. You know, for doctors. So when I am at work, essentially I am aiding in saving
lives. Well, in a ROUNDABOUT way. But anyway it’s good motivation.

I could write a whole blog entry about NPR or KPCC 89.3 (FM), but I won’t (at least not tonight!). Let’s just say that I have been listening to it exclusively on my drives and simply can’t get enough. I highly recommend finding your local NPR member station. Go now!

Stay cool!

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