Illness & Fireworks

I think there is a direct correlation to a person’s intelligence quotent and the lighting of fireworks illegally. I contend that those people who chose to light fireworks illegally have a lower intelligence quotent than the average zebra.

Persons with a higher IQ have generally lower adult morbidity and mortality. This may be because they better avoid injury and take better care of their own health, or alternatively may be due to a slight increased propensity for material wealth.

They are illegal. They can cause blindness for goodness sake! Anyway, I don’t know why but I became ill yesterday afternoon. I took a nap to get better but I
still felt bad. So we left my Mom’s. At home I was ill and eventually I threw up. That is gross. (Should a person tell the internet that they did something like that? What if I become famous anf they hold it against me in Hollywood?…Nah.) Then I felt better. So there I am lying in bed listening to the morons in HB lighting fireworks illegally. But I guess that’s what our patriots fought for…freedom. Oh and guns.

I’m thinking about signing up.

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  1. I think our Founding Fathers would be proud to know that we celebrate our day of freedom with lawlessness. Actually my favorite part of the whole fireworks thing is the parents that encourage their children to light fireworks off when it is clearly illegal. Message to child… Mommy and Daddy will pick which laws we follow.

    Glad you are feeling better!

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